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Top 10 Current Affairs Questions with Answers of 22nd December


Top 10 Current Affairs Questions with Answers of 22nd December


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Top 10 Current Affairs Questions with Answers: 22nd December 2020



👉 (1) ……………. Gastrodia agnicellus located in the country has been named the "oldest orchid in the world"?


Answer: Madagascar


Important Point -


Gastrodia agnicellus, located in Madagascar, does not have leaves, which grow from the woolly tubule stem, has been named the "world's oldest orchid".

It spends most of its life underground, producing only flowers or fruits.

It is one of 156 plants and a fungi species designated by Kiev scientists in 2020.

It relies on fungi for nutrition and contains other photosynthetic tissues.


👉 (2) ……………. Has been awarded the prestigious Golden Peacock Environmental Management Award for the year 2020 by the Institute of Directors in the steel sector?


Answer - SAIL


Important Point -


The Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) has been awarded the prestigious Golden Peacock Environmental Management Award for the year 2020 by the Institute of Directors.

The award was given for efforts such as upgrading pollution control facilities in environmental measures, treatment and recycling of waste water from individual units and organizations, increasing green cover and efficient solid waste management.

The SAIL company has been the winner of this award for two consecutive years.



👉 (3) E-20 fuel recently discussed in news contains 20% ethanol and ………. Is gasoline?


Answer - 80%


Important Point -


The E20 fuel contains 20% ethanol and 80% gasoline, while the E25 contains 25% ethanol.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways published a draft notification and invited public feedback on the adoption of E20 fuel and the emission standards it produces.

This will also help in reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons etc.

At the same time, it will reduce the import of mineral oils, which will save foreign exchange reserves and promote energy conservation.


👉 (4) Recently, ………… .. was signed between NASA and Canadian Space Agency?


Answer: Gateway Pact


Important Point -


Recently, the Gateway Treaty was signed between NASA and the Canadian Space Agency. It is a historic settlement that will be a part of the Canada Lunar Gateway Space Station.

Under this treaty, Canadorm 3, a new robot arm will be contributed by Canada.

A Canadian Artemis || The mission will be a part of (to be launched in 2023), the first crew mission on the Moon by NASA since 1972.



👉 (5) DRIP is a Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project, which was launched in the year …………….


Answer - 2012


Important Point -


DRIP is a Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement project, which was launched in 2012.

It was initially launched in 7 states Karnataka, Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu.

'Recently the World Bank approved $ 250 million to improve the performance of existing dams in India and improve their safety.

This money will be used to strengthen 120 dams in India.


👉 (6) UNESCO has recognized the "Hawker" culture of …………….


Answer: Singapore


Important Point -


Singapore's hawker culture has recently been included in a representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

'This list also includes yoga, Chinese calligraphy and flamenco.

Hawker in Singapore is a vibrant culture that developed because of street food makers, community dining and dining people



👉 (7) International Human Solidarity Day is celebrated on ……….


Answer: 20 December


Important Point -


International Human Solidarity Day is observed on 20 December each year. It celebrates unity in diversity and raises awareness about the importance of solidarity.

This day was officially adopted by the United Nations General Assembly (UN) on 22 December 2005 by the United Nations.

Solidarity is one of the core values ​​that are essential for international relations according to the United Nations Millennium Declaration.


👉 (8) World Minorities Day is celebrated on …………….


Answer: 18 December


Important Point -


Minority Rights Day is observed every year on 18 December in India.

The day focuses on the issues faced by minorities in India and creates awareness about their rights.

On 18 December 1992, the United Nations aired a statement on the rights of minorities on the basis of religion, language or ethnicity.

This day is celebrated by the National Commission for Minorities in India.



👉 (9) For India G-7 Summit 2021 …………. And one of the three guest nations with Australia?


Answer - South Korea


Important Point -


India is one of the three visiting nations for the G-7 Summit 2021 along with South Korea and Australia.

PM Narendra Modi was invited by his British counterpart Boris Johnson to host the G7 summit to be held in 2021.

The G7 was founded to discuss political and economic concerns inspired during the 1973 oil crisis.

It is a group of the 7 most industrialized countries in the world, such as France, America, Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada.



👉 (10) The headquarters of NGFS is located in ………………….


Answer: Paris


Important Point -


The Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) is a network of 75 central banks and financial supervisors established in 2017, headquartered in Paris, France.

It aims to accelerate the scaling of green finance and to develop recommendations for the role of the central bank for climate change.

Recently the Federal Reserve of America (Central Bank of America) joined the 'Network for Greening the Financial System'.

Recently several European securities and market authorities have also joined it.




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