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Top 10 Current Affairs Questions with Answers of 16th December


Top 10 Current Affairs Questions with Answers of 16th December


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Top 10 Current Affairs Questions with Answers: 16th December 2020


👉 (1) Recently Morocco became the fourth Arab country to have an agreement with …………… ..?


Answer: Israel


Important Point -


The African country of Morocco has recently become the fourth Arab country to have a settlement with Israel.

The Burm borders, created by the Moroccan army, separate the territory of Western Sahara under the control of Morocco from the Saharvi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) in the Western Sahara under the Polysario Front.

Walls from the Atlantic coast to the Moroccan mountains

SADR is a member of the African Union and is recognized by many African countries.



👉 (2) Paris Climate Agreement ………………… was adopted?


Answer - 21 December 2015


Important Point -


Paris Climate Agreement is a legally binding international treaty on climate change

It was adopted by the Conference of Parties (COP) on 21 December 2015 in Paris.



COP 21 was adopted by 196 countries during the conference.

These contributions are fundamentally insufficient to reach below the 2 ° C limit and even exceed the 1.5 ° C temperature limit set out in the Paris Agreement.


Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the Global Climate Conference organized to mark the completion of five years of the Paris Agreement, said that India is not only on track to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.



👉 (3) By the state of Madhya Pradesh …………………. Has the program started?


Answer: Matri Sahyogini


Important Point -


The state government of Madhya Pradesh has launched 'Matru Sahyogini Samiti' program to monitor the services provided by Anganwadis and daycare centers.

It will have a 10-member Matri Sahyogini Samiti at each Anganwadi center.



In English, it is called Mother's Cooperation Committee.

Under the program, committees will be headed by beneficiaries and mothers who will monitor the distribution of ration every week.

The scheme aims to strengthen the community's response to address hunger and malnutrition issues in the state.


👉 (4) …………… .. has launched ‘e-Agriculture Markets Limited’ spot market platform?


Answer - Bombay Stock Exchange


Important Point -


The Bombay Stock Exchange has launched the 'e-Agriculture Markets Limited' spot market platform, known as BEAM.



This platform uses state-of-the-art technology for traders, farmers and other stakeholders.

This platform facilitates the sale and purchase of various agricultural use items in a risk-affected manner.

This initiative ensures the declining price of arbitrage, the attainment of better producers, increased efficiency in procurement, and competitive consumer prices.

This platform will enable farmers in one state to access markets in other states and sell their produce through auctions.



👉 (5) Pune and Paramo ………………. Are the grasslands?


North-South America


Important Point -


Tropical montane grassland (TMG) are found in temperate, sub-tropical and tropical regions

Their major habitat types include grasslands from high altitude areas.



Puna and Parmo are grasslands from South America and Paramos are found in the northern Andes and are the most widespread examples of grasslands.

In India, grasslands are mainly found in the Shola Sky Island of the Western Ghats.


Recently, researchers have found sites in Annamalai, Palani Hills, and Eucalyptus, where other local trees are eroding biodiversity, and TMG has suffered damage and depletion.


👉 (6) Who are the only officers who have served in the three services, Air Force, Army and Navy?


Answer - Retired Colonel Prithvi Pal Singh Gill


Important Point -


Retired Colonel Prithvipal Singh Gill is the only officer to have served in all three services, Air Force, Army and Navy.



He first joined the Royal Indian Air Force in 1942.

He later served with the Royal Indian Navy during World War II.

He served in the Indian Army and fought with Pakistan in the 1965 war.

He completed his studies at Government College, Lahore and was born in 1920 in Patiala.



👉 (7) ……………… .. has developed India's first indigenous mRNA vaccine named HGC019?


Answer: Jehovah


Important Point -


Pune based company Genova has developed India's first indigenous mRNA vaccine named HGC019.



It is Ind-CEP by the Department of Biotechnology under the Ministry of Science and Technology. Supported under the mission.

MRNA vaccines do not use traditional models to generate immune responses. However, the mRNA vaccine uses molecular instructions to make proteins in the body by the synthetic RNA of the virus.

Why in the news?


MRNA Vaccine Candidate, HGC019 Phase of Human Clinical Trial by Drug Controller General of India | And || Has been approved to begin.


👉 (8) "………………." The Lancet is a cross-sector initiative launched by the Citizens' Commission on 11 December 2020?


Answer: Reorganizing India's health system


Important Point - It aims to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) in India within ten years.




This initiative is the first of its kind and is participatory in nature.

The initiative has been launched in collaboration with the world's leading health journals The Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute, Lancet and Harvard University.



👉 (9) ………… .. The state has started the “Mahasharad Manch”?


Answer: Maharashtra


Important Point -


Maharashtra State Government has launched "Mahasharad Manch" with the aim of providing various tools free of cost to persons with disabilities.



The word Mahasharad means "Maharashtra system for health rehabilitation and PwD".

The platform has been launched by Maharashtra's Department of Social Justice.

The initiative aims to reach out to 29 lakh different people for their help through the Mahasharad portal and mobile app.

This help will be provided to those who register on the portal with correct credit.


👉 (10) Which waves are associated with the motion of the atmosphere and the oceans of the planets, and is known as planetary waves?


Answer - Rossby waves


Important Point -


Rossby waves are associated with the motion of the atmosphere and the oceans of the planets and are known as planetary waves.



These are a type of inertial wave that occurs naturally in moving fluids.

The Rossby waves were first identified by Karl-Gustaf Arvid Rossby and hence got its name.

Why in the news?


According to a study by researchers in Bengaluru, 'winding waves' from the North Atlantic region may be responsible for the monsoon drying up.




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