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Top 10 Current Affairs Questions with Answers of 20th October


Top 10 Current Affairs Questions with Answers of 20th October


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Top 10 Current Affairs Questions with Answers: 20-10-2020


👉 (1) India ranks ………………… in the list of 107 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2020?


A - 50th

B - 75th

C - 94th

D - 101st


Explanation: India ranks 94th in the list of 107 countries in the 2020 Global Hunger Index. The report put India in a serious category with a score of 27.2. Reports state that India has severe levels of hunger.


The malnutrition rate of children (0–5 years) in India is 37.4%. The percentage of child frailty is 17.3. India's undernutrition rate was 14% and child mortality was 3.7%. This report has been prepared jointly by Wellhunger Life and Concern Worldwide.


👉 (2) 'My Town My Pride' program has been started by which state?


A - Kerala

B - Karnataka

C - Telangana

D - Jammu and Kashmir


Explanation: Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Manoj Sinha has announced a movement called My Town My Pride.


It will be implemented from October 19 to provide doorstep governance in urban areas on the lines of the Back to Village program. Three main objectives of the program: - Strengthening public outreach grassroots democracy in towns, door-to-door service delivery



👉 (3) The world's largest zinc smelter will be set up in the industrial area of ​​……………… ..?


A - Uttar Pradesh

B - Maharashtra

C – Gujarat

D - Madhya Pradesh


Explanation: The world's largest zinc smelter will be set up in the industrial area of ​​South Gujarat. Hindustan Zinc Limited will invest Rs 10000 crore in this project. The Gujarat government has signed an agreement with Vedanta group firm Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) to set up a greenfield zinc smelter in the state.


The smelter will have a capacity to produce 300 kg / annum. It will be constructed in an area of ​​415 hectares. This project will provide huge employment opportunities to the youth in the local tribal area.



👉 (4) Name the newly appointed interim president of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF)?


A - Mohammad Yousef

B - Dr. Michael Irani

C - Shailendra Mishra

D - Narendra Singh


Explanation: Dr. Michael Irani of Great Britain (GBR) has been named as the Interim President of the International Weightlifting Federation. He was appointed following the resignation of IWF President Tamas Ajan.


Earlier Michael Irani was serving as the chairman of the IWF Medical Committee. He was born in Bombay India. He is a leading physician in rheumatology who works as a consultant rheumatologist at Ashford Hospital NHS Trust.



👉 (5) Which state ranks first in the 'Har Ghar Jal' scheme?


A – Goa

B - Bihar

C - Delhi

D - Maharashtra


Explanation: Goa has become the first every home water state in India. It has provided 100% functional domestic tap connections in rural areas.


It consists of 2.30 lakh rural families. Due to the commitment and speedy efforts of the state government, this target has been successfully achieved ahead of time (set by the year 2024 at the national level).


All the benefits derived from the Jal Jeevan Mission by the state of Goa have been used to improve the quality of life and provide easy living facilities for rural communities.


👉 (6) Life expectancy in India has increased from 59.6 years in 1990 to ……………………… year in 2019?


A - 85.5 years

B - 70.8 years

C - 53.2 years

D - 95.6 years


Explanation: According to the recently published Lancet medical report, India's life expectancy is 70.8 years. Life expectancy in India has increased from 59.6 years in 1990 to 70.8 years in 2019.


Life expectancy in Kerala has increased to 77.3 years. The life expectancy of Uttar Pradesh is 66.9 years. According to the report, maternal mortality in India is declining.



👉 (7) On which date is World Food Day celebrated?


A - 19 October

B - 18 October

C - 16 October

D - 20 October


Explanation: World Food Day is celebrated annually on 16 October by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. It commemorates the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945.


It is also related to hunger food safety awareness of food shortages and revitalized food systems all over the world. Theme for 2020: Grow Nourish Sustain. Together. Our Actions are our Future.



👉 (8) ………………………. Government launched "Mission Shakti" for women's empowerment?


A - Delhi

B - Himachal Pradesh

C - Uttar Pradesh

D - Kerala


Explanation: Government of Uttar Pradesh introduced Mission Shakti for women empowerment. The objective of the scheme is to reduce crime against women in the state.


As per the scheme, there will be a separate room for women complainants in 1535 police stations spread across the state. In its first phase, it includes awareness programs from October 17-25.



👉 (9) Who is the author of the book 'The Battle of Billowing'?


A - Arundhati Roy

B - Narendra Modi

C - Shashi Tharoor

D - Anupam Kher


Explanation: Shashi Tharoor is a noted author and politician, author of a book called The Battle of Billonging. It will be released in November 2020.


He has described this book as his magnum opus around the world and especially in India, the theory development and practice of nationalism. The book will be published by Aleph Book Company.



👉 (10) Who announced on 16 October 2020 that India will be trans-fat-free by 2022?


A - Narendra Modi

B - Rajnath Singh

C - Dr. Harsh Vardhan

D - Yogi Aditya Nath


Explanation: On 16 October 2020, Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan announced that India will be trans-fat-free by 2022. This goal is one year ahead of the World Health Organization goal.


Trans fat or trans fat is partially hydrogenated vegetable oil found in dietary fat and margarine. These are the most harmful types of fats which can cause a lot more adverse effects on our body than any other diet.




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