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Daily Current Affairs 2020 in English | Daily Top 10 MCQ of 2020


Daily Current Affairs 2020 in English: Daily Top 10 MCQ of 2020

Daily Current Affairs 2020 in English:- Daily Current Affairs 2020 in English of Weekley and daily Current affairs in English to download Daily Current Affairs 2020 in English, Find Weekly. 

Completely Important news will be covered in Current Affairs 2020 in English with Daily Top 10 MCQ of 2020, current affairs daily top 10 MCQ which will help you to crack UPSC, SSC, Bank, IAS, RBI, CLAT exams.

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    Daily Top 10 MCQ of 13-09-2020

    (1) Which country has hosted the 73rd session of the South East Asian Region of the World Health Organization (WHO)?


    A - America

     - Thailand

    C - India

    D - China


    Explanation: The 73rd session of the South East Asian Region of the World Health Organization (WHO) was hosted by Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Anutin Charanavirakul. Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan represented this meeting session on behalf of India. Importance - Confirmation of the importance of universal health coverage and primary health care as a safety net for people in accessing quality health services for both COVID management and essential NON-COVID health services. Health information system on COVID-19 to strengthen biomedical health policy and systems research and maintain essential health services and public health programs.


    (2) Which of the following state has launched India's first integrated air ambulance?


    A - Madhya Pradesh

     - Karnataka

    C - Chhattisgarh

    D - Maharashtra


    Explanation: Chief Minister of Karnataka B.S. Yeddyurappa launches India's first integrated air ambulance service


    (3) India signed an agreement with ………………… on “mutual provision of goods and services”?


     - Japan

    B - China

    C - America

    D - Finland


    Explanation: India and Japan held their annual summit over the telephone as Delhi and Tokyo signed a much-awaited agreement on the mutual provision of goods and services between the Indian Armed Forces and the Japanese Self Defense Force. The contract was signed by Dr. Ajay Kumar, Secretary of Defense on behalf of India , and Ambassador Mr. Suzuki Satoshi on behalf of Japan. Significance: It is a mutually logical treaty for the navies of the two countries to reaffirm the Indo-Pacific region being free and open amid China's aggressive policies. This will make it easier for Indian aircraft to operate in areas such as the South China Sea and the Pacific.


    (4) Which Indian has been included in the independent panel of the World Health Organization (WHO)?


    A - Geeta Sardesai

    B - Ajay Sharma

     - Preeti Sudan

    D - Kripal Shah


    Explanation: Preeti Sudan has included Preeti Sudan in the independent panel of the World Health Organization (WHO). Preeti Sudan is the former Health Secretary of India.


    (5) What is India's position in the Global Economic Freedom Index 2020?


    A - 52

    B - 94

     - 105

    D - 110


    Explanation: The Global Economic Freedom Index 2020 was jointly released by the Canadian Think-tank Fraser Institute and the Indian Think-tank Centre for Civil Society based in New Delhi. In the Global Economic Freedom Index 2020, India has slipped 26 places to 105th place. The country was ranked 79th last year. Report Findings: - According to the report, the possibility of increasing economic independence in India depends on factors such as market improvement and greater openness to international trade. Hong Kong and Singapore topped the list.



    (6) …………… .. the state gave the green signal to the first farmer rail of South India?


    A - Kerala

    B - Karnataka

     - Andhra Pradesh

    D - Maharashtra


    Explanation: South India's first Kisan Rail was flagged off from Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh to Adarsh ​​Nagar railway station in Delhi. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar flagged off the train through video conferencing from New Delhi and Amravati. About Kisan Rail: - It has been introduced to help in quick transport of agricultural produce to distant places. This has been started keeping in mind the goal of doubling farmer income. This will also help in increasing agricultural exports.


    (7) On which date is the first day International Day of Protection of Educational Institutions observed?


    A - 11 September 2020

     - 9 September 2020

    C - 12 September 2020

    D - 10 September 2020


    Explanation: Education Above All Foundation (EAA) and its global partners UNESCO and UNICEF have marked 9 September 2020 as the first international day to protect educational institutions from attacks. Key Points: - The day was initiated by a unanimous decision of the United Nations General Assembly that called for UNESCO and UNICEF to raise awareness about the plight of millions of children living in countries affected by the conflict. fagy: - Protect Education, Save a Generation.


    (8) According to Easy Banking Reform Sankhung 2.0, which bank has been ranked first?


    A - Yes Bank

    B - Union Bank

     - Bank of Baroda

    D - State Bank of India


    Explanation: Bank of Baroda has been ranked first, according to Bank of Baroda (Interpretation) Easy Banking Reforms Index 2.0. State Bank of India and Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) has been ranked second and third respectively. Easy Banking Reforms Sankhang: - Commissioned by the Ministry of Finance. It is a framework that was adopted to strengthen public sector banks and rank them on metrics like responsible banking- credit uptake- digitization and financial inclusion. EZ 2.0 has six themes: EZ 2.0 covered 6 themes (PSB Intensive Financial Inclusion Debt Distribution Administration and HR as Responsible Banking Customer Accountability Enterprise).

    (9) C Partha Sarathi has been appointed as the new Election Commissioner of which state?


    A - Delhi

     - Telangana

    C - Madhya Pradesh

    D - Andhra Pradesh


    Explanation: C Partha Sarathi has been appointed as the new Election Commissioner of Telangana State C Partha Sarathi is a retired IAS officer


    (10) Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY) for farmers of which state on September 10, 2020?


    A - Goa

     - Bihar

    C - Maharashtra

    D - Odisha


    Explanation: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Prime Minister Matsya SampadaYojana (PMMSY) for farmers in Bihar on 10 September 2020 through a video conference. The objective of this scheme is to ensure sustainable and accountable development of the fisheries sector in the country through Neel Kanti. About the Scheme: - It is to be implemented in all the States / Union Territories during a period of five years from FY 2020-21 to FY 2024-25 under the Self-reliant India Package. Its objective is to increase fish production by 2024-25 additional 70 lakh tonnes. To double the income of fishermen and fisher farmers. Reduce post-harvest losses from 20-25 percent to 10 percent To create 55 lakh direct and indirect employment opportunities in the fisheries sector and allied activities.

    Daily Top 10 MCQ of 2020
    Daily Top 10 MCQ of 2020

    Daily Top 10 MCQs of 12/09/2020

    (1) According to Fitch Ratings, India's GDP growth rate in FY 2021 is ………………?


    A - -11.3%

    - -10.5%

    C - -23.2%

    D - -25.7%


    Explanation: According to recent Fitch Ratings, the projected GDP growth rate for India in FY2021 has been projected to be 10.5%, reflecting a much larger revision than the projected 5% in June. The reason behind the contraction- The nationwide lockdown implemented to prevent the spread of coronavirus has resulted in disturbances in economic activity.


    (2) Who among the following inaugurated the magazine Gate in Jaipur through video conference?


    - Narendra Modi

    B - Amit Shah

    C - Amitabh Bachchan

    D - Salman Khan


    Explanation: The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the magazine Gate in Jaipur through video conference. Key Point - It is produced by Rajasthan Patrika Group Publications. Its name is derived from a newspaper and media company - Rajasthan Patrika. It is a prestigious gateway built as a memorial under the mission 'Anupam' of Jaipur Development Authority. It is inspired by traditional architecture and has Jharokhe mandapa chhatris and poles. Jaipur has been recognized by UNESCO as a 'World Heritage Site'. The 'Patrika Gate' was constructed keeping this in mind.

    (3) On which date the first trilateral talks of India-France-Australia were held?


    A - 8 September 2020

    - 9 September 2020

    C - 10 September 2020

    D - 11 September 2020


    Explanation: The first trilateral talks of India-France-Australia were held on 9 September 2020. The meeting was co-chaired by India's Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla, France's European and Foreign Affairs Secretary-General Francois United and Australian Foreign Affairs and Trade Secretary Francis Adamson

    (4) Govind Swaroop died recently, he was associated with which field?


    A - Actor

    B - Economist

    C - Journalist

    - Scientist


    Explanation: Scientist Govind Swarup who died recently was known as the father of Indian radio astronomy. He was one of the pioneers of radio astronomy. His major contributions: He was the founding director of the Pune-based NationalCenter for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA) of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. He was the prime mover behind the concept design and installation of the Ooty Radio Telescope. He built the Giant Metuway Radio Telescope (GMTR) near Pune.


    (5) Recently who held bilateral meetings with the Central Asian countries Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan?


    A - Narendra Modi

    - S Jaishankar

    C - Amit Shah

    D - Nitin Gadkari

    Explanation: Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar held bilateral meetings with Central Asian countries Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Along with Kyrgyzstan - Foreign Minister Jaishankar held a meaningful meeting in Kyrgyzstan with Kyrgyzstan Foreign Minister Chingiz Aiderbekov, apart from the SCO. The two leaders discussed issues of bilateral and regional interest. Along with Tajikistan - Dr. Jaishankar held a meeting with Tajik Foreign Minister Sirojiddin Muhariddin. The External Affairs Minister expressed happiness over the increasing importance of bilateral and regional cooperation and this strategic partnership.


    (6) The Central government has announced a relief package of Rs ………………… under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana for the poor for the purpose of helping to fight the fight against the coronavirus?


    A - 2.2 lakh crores

    B - 3.2 lakh crores

    - 1.7 Lakh Crore

    D - 10.1 Lakh Crore


    Explanation: The Central Government has announced a relief package of Rs 1.7 lakh crore under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana for the poor with the aim of helping fight the fight against the coronavirus.


    (7) Who has foiled the operation of an illegal software racket named 'Real Mango'?


    A - Delhi Police

    B - Air Force

    C - Army

    - Railway Protection Force


    Explanation: Railway Protection Force has foiled the operation of an illegal software real mango in a nationwide investigation. It is used to confirm railway reservation. RPF has made around 50 arrests in Assam, Bihar, Gujarat and West Bengal. What is Real Mango Software? Real Mango software is an illegal notorious software developed for booking Tatkal tickets on the IRCTC website. This illegal and generally restricted software performs the entire process of booking Indian railway tickets at a fly speed. Illegal bitcoin payment- Bitcoin is used as a payment option in all illegal activities. The reason is that the government has no control and restrictions on transactions while making payments through bitcoins.


    (8) On ………………… India and Angola held their first joint commission meeting?


    A - September 9, 2020

    - 8 September 2020

    C - September 10, 2020

    D - 11 September 2020


    Explanation: On 8 September 2020, India and Angola held their first joint commission meeting. Significance: During this time countries have decided to expand their trade relations. He discussed various areas including food processing, agricultural pharmaceuticals, health digitization, telecommunications, and defense.


    (9) ……………….The state government has launched the country's first integrated air ambulance service?


    A - Assam

    B - Odisha

    - Karnataka

    D - Andhra Pradesh


    Explanation: Karnataka State Government has launched the country's first integrated air ambulance service, under the Integrated Air Ambulance Service, to provide comfortable and stress-free transportation of patients from one place to another in an emergency situation by airplane.


    (10) According to UNICEF report, between 1990 and 2019 in India, deaths of children under five years of age ……. An annual decrease of ……… has been recorded.


    A - 2.8%

    - 4.5%

    C - 3.5%

    D - 8.6%


    Explanation: According to the UNICEF report on 4.5% (interpretation) child mortality, India has recorded an annual decrease of 4.5 percent in deaths of children under five years between 1990 and 2019. Description: According to the new estimates released by UNICEF World Health Organization, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Control and World Bank Group, the death rate of children under five in India (death per 1000 live children) From 126 in 1990 to 34 in 2019. According to the report, child mortality in India has come down to 28 in 2019 as compared to 89 in 1990.

    Daily Top 10 MCQ of 11-09-2020

    (1) Who among the following announced that five PSUs under the Ministry of Petroleum will join the Sustainable Climate Action of the International Solar Energy Alliance?


    A - Narendra Modi

    B - Amit Shah

     - Dharmendra Pradhan

    D - Rajnath Singh


    Explanation: At the first World Solar Technology Summit organized by ISA, Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan announced that five public enterprises under the ministry will join the International Solar Energy Alliance's Sustainable Climate Action. 5 Public Undertakings: ---- 1 - Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited - ONGC 2 - Oil Corporation of India Limited - IOCL 3 - Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited - BPCL 4 - Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited - HPCL 5 - GAIL India Limited Corpus Fund of ISA Will contribute to These companies are attempting to deploy solar panels in their the value chain of operations. Currently installed solar power capacity is 270 MW.


    (2) Which state does not figure in the inaugural list of 22 bamboo industry packages under the National Bamboo Mission?


    A - Gujarat

    B - Maharashtra

     - Bihar

    D - Madhya Pradesh


    Explanation: does not figure in the inaugural list of 22 bamboo industry packages under the Bihar State National Bamboo Mission. These groups were inaugurated by the Union Rural Development Panchayati Raj and Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Shri Narendra Singh Tomar. Nine states: - Bamboo clusters (clusters) will be established in these states - Madhya Pradesh- Gujarat- Maharashtra- Odisha- Assam- Nagaland- Tripura- Uttarakhand, and Karnataka. National BambooMission (NBM): - It is a centrally sponsored scheme which was launched in 2006-07 to increase coverage area under bamboo. Rebuilt NBM: It was launched in 2018-19 to connect farmers to markets to get ready markets for their produce.

    (3) 'Operation Green Ke Top to Total' scheme was launched by which state government?


    A - Delhi

    B - Maharashtra

    C - Madhya Pradesh

     - Jammu Kashmir


    Explanation: The Central Government has extended Operation Greens' Top To Total Scheme for the price stabilization of fruits and vegetables in Jammu and Kashmir. Importance: - To support farmers who grow fruits and vegetables. Preventing crisis sales and bringing price stabilization interventions under the purview. The Union Ministry of Food Processing Industries will bear 50 percent of the transportation cost under the scheme. Notified fruits and vegetables: - Apple - Almond - Pear - Carrot - Cucumber - Capsicum - Kinwa - Okra - Orange and Lemon.

    (4) ________ The bank has provided a loan to India for Delhi-Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System?


    A - State Bank of India

    B - World Bank

     - Asian Development Bank

    D - European Development Bank


    Explanation: has signed a loan agreement of around US $ 500 million between the Central Government and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for the construction of the Delhi-Meerutrizal Rapid Transit System (RRTS) 82 km state-of-the-art and high-speed corridor. Significance: - This route is to improve the regional connectivity and movement in the Delhi-NCR region. This corridor will connect Sarai Kale Khan in Delhi to Modipuram in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh.


    (5) Which the committee recommends the framework for the resolution of stressed assets related to Covid-19?


    A - Kelkar Committee

    B - Arogyadham Committee

     - KV Kamath Committee

    D - Ram Manohar Lohia Committee


    Explanation: The KV Kamath Committee recommends the framework for resolution of stressed assets related to Covid-19 which has been accepted by the Reserve Bank of India.


    (6) Which city has been certified Open Defecation Free Plus (ODF ++)?


    A - Bhopal

     - Chandigarh

    C - Jaipur

    D - Punjab


    Explanation: Chandigarh has been certified Open Defecation Free Plus (ODF ++) by Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Sridargashankar Mishra. Criteria under ODF ++: - This includes proper treatment and management of sewage sludge and treatment and disposal of sewage protected storage. There is no drainage of untreated sludge/sludge and drains in water bodies or drainage areas. Other salient features: - All urban local bodies of Haryana have been certified or verified Open Defecation Free (ODE). All cities in Punjab are ODF certified or verified.


    (7) Name the new President of All India Tennis Association (AITA)?


    A - Sudhir Bhavarkar

     - Anil Jain

    C - Pramod Mishra

    D - Narendra Singh Sodhi

    Explanation: The new president of the All India Tennis Association (AITA) is named Anil Jain.


    (8) Who has been honored with Indira Gandhi Peace Prize 2019?


    A - Narendra Modi

    B - Manmohan Singh

     - Sir David Attenborough

    D - Donald Trump


    Explanation: Sir David Attenborough has been awarded the prestigious Indira Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2019 on 7 September 2020. David Attenborough: - He is an English broadcaster and natural historian. He is known for writing and documenting with the BBC Natural History Unit. He has worked tirelessly to educate many generations and preserve the Jave diversity on Earth. About the award: - It is presented annually to individuals/organizations by the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust to recognize creative efforts to promote international peace development and a new international economic order. It is awarded annually by the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust since 1986. It includes monetary rewards of Rs 25 lakhs.


    (9) Which country has supplied 114.2 MT of DDT to Hindustan Pesticide Limited (HIL)?


     - Zambia

    B - Australia

    C - France

    D - Zimbabwe


    Explanation: Zambia has supplied 114.2 tonnes of organochlorine insecticide DDT 75% WP to Zambia for the state-owned HIL (India) Limited Nemalaria Control Program under the Union Ministry of Fertilizers and Chemicals. About HIL: - It was established in 1954 to start the production of DDT for the National Malaria Eradication Program. It is the only manufacturer of DDT globally. About DDT: - It is a colorless, tasteless, and odorless crystalline chemical compound that originally developed as a pesticide. The WHO has approved DDT as an efficient IRS chemical to control the risk of Nemalaria mosquito.


    (10) ______________ has established a project preparation facility to develop solar power projects in ISA member countries in collaboration with Exim Bank?


     - India

    B - New Zealand

    C - France

    D - America


    Explanation: During the World Solar Technology Conference (WSTS) organized by ISA on 8 September 2020, it was announced by the Prime Minister of India to develop a bankable solar energy project in ISA member countries in collaboration with Exim Bank of India Has established a project preparation facility. What are project preparation facilities — they are used as a means of developing bankable — investment-ready projects. A PPF project can provide technical and financial support to owners. About Eximbank of India: - It is a financial institution wholly owned by the Government of India which was established in 1982. It was established to facilitate and promote India's foreign trade financing.

    Daily Current Affairs 2020 in English | Daily Top 10 MCQ of 2020
    Daily Current Affairs 2020 in English | Daily Top 10 MCQ of 2020

    Daily Top 10 MCQ of 07 September 2020

    (1) In the 5th meeting of the 5th BRICS Culturalists… was represented in India ……………………?

    A - Narendra Modi

    B - Amit Shah

    C - Yogi Aditya Nath

    ✅ - Prahlada Patel


    Explanation: Shri Prahalad Singh Patel, Union Minister of State for Culture and Tourism (Independent Charge) participated in the fifth BRICS Culture Ministers' Meeting as a group. The fifth BRICS Culturalists' meeting was organized through video conference under the framework of the Russian Federation. The meeting was attended by officials from the Federal Republic of Africa, the Russian Federation, The people's Republic of China, and the Ministries of Culture of the Republic of South Africa.



    (2) When did the book The Lial Book of Green Nises (The Green Book of Green Nudes) launch?

    ✅ - UNEP

    B - NASA

    C - DRDO

    D - UNESCO


    Explanation: UNEP has launched the book The Lial Book of Green Nises (The Little Book of Green Nudes).



    (3) At the behest of India …………………… .. has India repeated its No Arms Supply Policy to Pakistan?

    ✅ - Russia

    B - America

    C - Afghanistan

    D - Saudi Arabia


    Explanation: Russia (Religion) India's Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is currently on a 3-day visit to Russia. Russia has pledged to abide by the 'No Ars Supply Policy' to Pakistan following a request from Indian Defense Minister Rajnath during a meeting with his Russian counterpart General Sergei Shoigu in Moscow. India and Russia have agreed to develop their defense industries and accelerate the setting up of the AK203 Assault Rifles factory in Amethi. Russia has assured significant participation in the upcoming Aero India exhibition to be held in Bengaluru in February 2021.



    (4) Who has been appointed the new Ambassador of India to the Republic of Croatia?

    A - Narendra Singh

    B - Ashok Milind

    C - Narottam Kumar Mishra

    ✅ - Raj Kumar Srivastava


    Explanation: Raj Kumar Srivastava has been appointed as the Ambassador of India to the Republic of Croatia.



    (5) Name the new brand ambassador of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance?

    A - Shahrukh Khan

    ✅ - Ayushman Khurana

    C - Amitabh Bachchan

    D - Akshay Kumar


    Explanation: Ayushman Khurana has become the new brand ambassador of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Ayushman Khurana.



    (6) Name the first cricket ambassador of the recently appointed SBOTOP sportsbook brand?

    A - Krish Gayle

    B - Sachin Tendulkar

    ✅ - Dwayne Bravo

    D - Virender Sehwag


    Explanation: Dwayne Bravo becomes the first cricket ambassador of the SBOTOP sportsbook brand


    (7) In ……………… .. has the Bill passed to protect and restore tangible heritage?

    ✅ - Assam

    B - Bihar

    C - Maharashtra

    D - Uttar Pradesh


    Explanation: The bill for protection and restoration of tangible heritage has been passed in the state of Assam, in this bill the culture of the people of Assam is to promote social linguistic identity and protection of heritage.


    (8) On which date is Teachers' Day celebrated?

    A - 6 September

    B - 3 September

    C - 4 September

    ✅ - 5 September


    Explanation: Teachers' Day is celebrated on 5 September. The main purpose of Teacher's Day is to honor teachers and make the students aware of education. Teachers' Day is celebrated on 5 September every year on the birthday of the first Vice President of India and the second President, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.


    (9) Recently ………… .. has developed Covid-19 swab collection unit?

    A - DRDO

    B - WHO

    C - Mahindra

    ✅ - Tata


    Explanation: Tata has developed the Covid-19 swab collection unit


    (10) Eye care app has been launched by which state?

    A - Assam

    ✅ - Punjab

    C - Odisha

    D - Maharashtra


    Explanation: Eye Guarding App has been launched by the state of Punjab. The main objective of Eye Guarding App is to encourage people to plant more and more plants and to make people aware to maintain the environment.

    Daily Top 10 MCQ of 06 September 2020

    (1) Which country's Navy has been declared as the world's largest Navy?


    A - India


    ✅ - China


    C - America


    D - Russia


    Explanation: China has made it's navy the largest naval force in the world. This was revealed by the Pentagon in a detailed report to the US Congress. China currently has 350 warships and submarines. Of these, more than 130 are surface Combatants. Whereas the US has only 293 warships. Although American warships are more modern than China. Importance- According to a Pentagon report China wants to establish new PLA bases in the Indo-Pacific region of at least 12 countries including Pakistan-Myanmar and Sri Lanka.


    (2) Recently, ………………. Has stopped the banking operations of Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank?


    A - World Bank


    B - State Bank of India


    ✅ - Reserve Bank of India


    D - Asian Development Bank


    Explanation: Banking Regulation Act 1949, Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank has now ceased to be a banking company. It was a voluntary business by the company. The company's business was said to be a victim of uncertain circumstances which made its economic model impractical. About Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank- The bank obtained a banking license from the Reserve Bank of India for the business of payment bank and also received authorization in April 2017 to carry on the business of prepaid payments instrument. It started business in February 2018.


    (3) Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a special speech to …………………. At the third USISPF?


    A - September 3, 2020


    B - 1 September 2020


    ✅ - 4 September 2020


    D - September 2, 2020


    Explanation: The US India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) summit is an annual leadership summit. The theme of the third annual USISPF is US-India Navigating New Challenges. Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a special speech at the third USISPF on 4 September 2020. Importance of Third USISPF Summit - This theme covers many topics like India's prospects in becoming a global manufacturing hub Opportunities in India's gas market Ease of attracting FDI in India Equal opportunities and challenges in the technical sector Economic Issues of the Indo-Pacific Region Innovation in Public Health and Others. USISPF and its purpose - it is a non-profit organization established in 2017 to work for a partnership between India and the US. It aims to make businesses and government partners and create meaningful opportunities that can positively change the lives of citizens.



    (4) Name the first Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Railway Board?


    ✅ - Vinod Yadav


    B - Surendra Thakur


    C - RS Sharma


    D - Nitendra Sahu


    Explanation: Vinod Kumar Yadav has been appointed as the first Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Railway Board by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet. He is the first person in the history of Railways to hold such a position. About VK Yadav - He is a 1980 batch IRSEE officer and is currently the Chairman of the Railway Board. He will be the cadre controlling officer responsible for human resources based on the current reorganization.


    (5) Five UN Security Council (UNSC) member attempts to nominate two Indian nationals as global terrorists to which country has failed?


    A - America


    B - China


    C - Bangladesh


    ✅ - Pakistan


    Explanation: Five UN Security Council (UNSC) members the US- UK- France- Germany and Belgium rejects Pakistan's efforts to nominate two Indian nationals as global terrorists under the UN Security Council 1267 sanctions committee It was done because Islamabad failed to produce evidence to withdraw its charges.


    (6) ………………… hosted the Extraordinary G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting 2020?


    A - India


    B - China


    C - Japan


    ✅ - Saudi Arabia


    Explanation: G20 was held on 4 September 2020. The meeting was chaired by Prince Faisal bin Farhan al-Saud, Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia. India was represented at the meeting by Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar. He also proposed the development of a coordinated cross-border movement of voluntary G20 principles with three elements.


    (7) From which date is National Potion Week celebrated?


    ✅ - 1 to 7 September


    B - 2 to 8 September


    C - 3 to 9 September


    D - 4 to 10 September


    Explanation: National Potion Week is celebrated from 1 to 7 September. The purpose of this week is to celebrate National Nutrition Week from 1 September to 7 September every year to make people aware of the importance of nutrition for better health. goes.



    (8) Name the newly appointed Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of South Indian Bank?


    A - Santosh R Reddy


    B - R S Lingam


    C - Mithun Kumar


    ✅ - Murali Ramakrishnan


    Explanation: The appointment of Murali Ramakrishnan as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of South Indian Bank for three years from 1 October 2020 has been approved by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). He will be the first MD and CEO of a South Indian bank coming on-board from a private sector lender.



    (9) Name the new MD and CEO of Punjab and Sindh Bank?


    A - Kapil Gupta


    B - Sanjay Shukla


    C - Rajiv Banerjee


    ✅ - S Krishnan


    Explanation: S. Krishnan is the new MD and CEO of Punjab and Sindh Bank.


    (10) India …………………. To host the Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Head of Government Council?


    A - 1 October 2020


    B - 17 September 2020


    ✅ - 30 November 2020


    D - 1 December 2020


    Explanation: India will host the Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Head of Government Council on 30 November.

    Daily Top 10 MCQ of 05 September 2020

    (1) ………………. Has partnered with India and Bangladesh for flood forecasting, run by Artificial Intelligence?


    A - NDRF


    B - GOOGLE


    C - Facebook


    D - CRPF


    Explanation: Flooding in South Asian countries causes a lot of damage, so Google has launched its own artificial intelligence (AI)-powered flood forecasts campaign across India and Bangladesh. It will provide details of the depth of flood in nine new vernacular languages ​​through the manifesting of the height of the floodwaters. Google has partnered with the Water Development Board of Bangladesh to bring flood warning services. Presently it will be helpful in protecting 40 million people of Bangladesh from a disaster like a flood. Google has launched a new prediction model that will allow governments in India and Bangladesh to double the lead time of many of their credits to provide more notice and give or prepare an extra day to their millions.



    (2) In the first round of the US Open Tennis tournament, which Indian player gave equipment to Bradley Klan of America?


    A - Kalim Rizvi


    B - Narendra Bhatnagar


    C - Sumit Nagal


    D - Rohan Bopanna


    Explanation: Sumit Nagal has become the first Indian to win a singles match in the Grand Slam tournament in the last seven years, defeating Bradley Klan of the US in the first round of the US Open Tennis tournament. Earlier Somdev Devvarman achieved the feat by reaching the second round of the Tyrian Open French Open and US Open in 2013. Sumit Nagal is ranked number 122 in the world and he will face world number three Dominic Theme in the second round. About Sumit Nagal - He is an Indian tennis player. In 2015, he won the Wimbledon Boys' double title and became the sixth Indian player to win the Junior Grand Slam title. He plays for India in the Davis Cup.


    (3) What is the position of India in the Global Innovation Index 2020?


    A - 51


    B - 48


    C - 37


    D - 57


    Explanation: The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has released the 2020 Global Innovation Index. And India is ranked 48th among 131 economies displayed in GII 2020 thus making India among the top 50 countries for the first time. India ranks at the top among countries in Central and Southern Asia. India ranks in the top 15 of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services export science and engineering undergraduate government online services and R&D-intensive global companies such as Indicators. Countries like India, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam have advanced rapidly in the field of innovation. About the Global Innovation Index - This index is an annual ranking of countries according to their capacity in innovation and innovation. It is jointly issued by WIPO Cornell University and INSEAD Business School. It was launched in 2007.



    (4) After approving the Jammu and Kashmir Official Language Bill 2020, Jammu and Kashmir will have ………… official languages?


    A - 4


    B - 9


    C - 5


    D - 7


    Explanation: After the approval of the Jammu and Kashmir Official Language Bill 2020 by the Union Cabinet, the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir will have 5 official languages ​​including Urdu Kashmiri Dogri Hindi and English. Dogri Hindi and Kashmiri are the newly added official languages ​​of the union territory. The Jammu and Kashmir Official Language Bill 2020 will be introduced in the forthcoming monsoon session of Parliament. This was a long overdue demand of the region to include Dogri Hindi and Kashmiri.



    (5) Indian renewable energy company, …………………… .. has been ranked as the number 1 solar a power company in the world in terms of capacity?


    A - Tata Company


    B - Reliance Industries


    C - Adani Green


    D - Mahindra Industries


    Explanation: Indian renewable energy company Adani Green has been ranked as the world's No. 1 solar power company in terms of capacity. The company is currently the world's top solar developer with operational projects of 2.3 GW. The company has 2 GW under construction and 8 GW projects with a total capacity of 12.3 GW. The company began operations in 2015 and its current solar capacity, including online solar and wind projects, is around 14.62 GW. The company aims to achieve a combined combined solar capacity of 25 GW by 2025.



    (6) On which date is World Coconut Day celebrated?


    A - 1 September


    B - 2 September


    C - 3 September


    D - 4 September


    Explanation: From September 2 is observed as World Coconut Day. This day is celebrated to create awareness about the importance of coconut and its benefits all over the world. The theme of World Coconut Day 2020 this year is Invest in coconut to save the world. Its subject is decided each year by the international coconut community. This day is especially celebrated by the Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) under the Asian and Pacific regions as they have most of the world's coconut production centers.


    (7) "Quit India Dirt Campaign" has been launched by which state government?


    A - Madhya Pradesh


    B - Uttar Pradesh


    C - Bihar


    D - Maharashtra


    Explanation: Madhya Pradesh State Government has launched the Quit India Dirt campaign. The main objective of this campaign is to make people aware of cleanliness and to make India clean.



    (8) ……………. Has launched the Jal Nayak Contest 2.0?


    A - Ministry of Water Power


    B - Ministry of Defense


    C - Ministry of Tribal Affairs


    D - Ministry of Home Affairs


    Explanation: Jal Nayak Contest 2.0 aims to mobilize water conservation in the country and strengthen consciousness towards water. Department of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Ministry of Water Power inaugurated the competition 'Water Heroes - Share Your Stories' (Water Hero - Tell Your Story) from September 1, 2020, with an aim to reach people on important topics like water conservation and management. Have done In order to participate in this competition, all participants must post their success story on water conservation through a special video of 1-5 minutes (including 300 words articles and some photographs) in the direction of conservation and management of water resources Describe the efforts made and the notable contributions made. The winner of the competition will be given a cash prize of Rs 10,000 and a certificate.


    (9) Who has been appointed the first woman Director General of Civil Aviation Security Bureau (BCAS)?


    A - Ragini Sharma


    B - Usha Padhe


    C - Nisha Banerjee


    D - Kiran Singh


    Explanation: Usha Padhe, the first woman Director General of the Civil Aviation Security Bureau (BCAS), has been appointed


    (10) Union Cabinet has approved a memorandum of understanding with which country on cooperation in textile sector?


    A - France


    B - America


    C - China


    D - Japan


    Explanation: The Union Cabinet has approved a Memorandum of Understanding between India and Japan on cooperation in the textile sector. The Textile Committee has approved the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India and the Messrs. Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center Japan to improve the quality and testing of Indian textiles and apparel. This MoU will enable Japan to designate the Textile Committee as its cooperative testing and inspection service provider in India for textile and apparel products. Japan is the third largest apparel importing country in the world and thus offers India a good opportunity to promote its textile sector.

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