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Daily Current Affairs 17 August 2020


Daily Current Affairs 17 August 2020
Daily Current Affairs 17 August 2020
17, August 2020

We are here for you to deliver the imperative Recent and Latest Daily Current Affairs 17 August 2020, which have exclusive informs of Latest Current Affairs 2020 events from all newspapers such as The EconomicTimes, PIB, The Hindu, Times of India, PTI, Business Standard, Indian Express, and all Government official websites.

Our Daily Current Affairs 17 August 2020 events will support you to get more marks in Insurance, SSC, Banking, Railways, UPSC, CLAT and all State Government Exams.

World organ donation day celebrate every year  _________.
A. 11 August
B. 12 August
C. 13 August
D. 14 August

Explanation: Organ donation day is celebrated every year on 13 August.
● This day seeks to motivate people to donate their healthy and precious organs after death Save lives
● India has a large population that dies due to organ failure.

US President Donald recently Announced a historic peace deal Between Israel and _________.
A. Oman
B. Saudi Arabia
D. Bahrain

Explanation: US President Donald Trump announced that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel had Agreed to establish full diplomatic relations as part of a new peace agreement.

Which of the following countries is in Recently signed its biggest loan $ 3.1 billion package Bangladesh?
A. China
B. Japan
C. France
D. Russia

Explanation: Japan has signed its largest loan package of $ 3.1 billion for Bangladesh.
● The loan carries an interest rate of 0.65 percent with a repayment period of 30 years including an initial 10 years as a grace period.

At present, the Indian Coast Guard is Launched an offshore patrol vessel _________.
A. power
B. Aditya
C. Meaningful
D. goal

Explanation: An offshore patrol vessel (OPV) was launched and renamed for the Indian Coast Guard. Indian Coast Guard ship hak sarthak '.

Ministry of Sports will organize the Largest Countrywide Run Country Fit India Freedom Run 'from ________ Service ________.
A. 15 August, 20 August
B. 15 August, 21 August
C. August 15, August 25
D. 15 August, 2 October

Explanation: The Sports Ministry will organize the largest country-wide race, Fit India Freedom Run, from August 15 Until 2 October.

Recently, Harmal Peppers got G.I. Which of the the following tag is Indian state?
A. Tamil Nadu
B. Bihar
C. Goa
D. Manipur

Explanation: Goa's traditional festive sweets 'Khej', Spicy Harmal Peppers and Mandoli Banana (Moira Banana) Obtained the Geographical Indication (GI) tag from the Geographical Indication Registry.

Recently, Choonkara Ramankutty passed away. He was one ________.
A. Sports Journalist
B. Actor
C. Poet
D. cartoonist

Explanation: Poet and lyricist Chunakkara Ramankutty who created a a special place in the hearts of music lovers In the year 1983, the romantic hit the song 'Devadaru Putu' for the film 'Angne ni Marakkam' passed away.

World Lizard Day is celebrated Every year at _________.
A. 11 August
B. 12 August
C. 13 August
D. 14 August

Explanation: World Lizard Day is observed every year on 14 August.
● Lizards are important to the ecosystem because they are both predators and prey.

Recently, Union Minister Chemicals and Fertilizers Mr. DV Sadanand Gowda has announced Setting a price Monitoring and processing unit (PMRU) in ________
A. Assam
B. Maharashtra
C. Karnataka
D. Telangana

Explanation: Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Mr. DV Sadanand Gowda has announced Establishment of a Price Monitoring and Resource Unit (PMRU) in Karnataka.

Who is from the following country Agreed to cooperate with Russia Production and marketing The world's first registered coronavirus Vaccine Sputnik V?
A. Mexico
B. Indonesia
C. Brazil
D. Argentina

Explanation: Russia and Brazil have agreed to cooperate in the world's first registered production and marketing Coronavirus Vaccine Sputnik V.
● Agreement with the Brazilian state of ParanĂ¡.

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Daily Current Affairs 17 August 2020
Daily Current Affairs 17 August 2020

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